Tea Party

Sweet Bee's

planning your party to perfection !!

At sweet bee’s tea shop, we offer a Glamorous and unique experience – both in a traditional venue or contrasted with a modern environment. Our collection of mis-matched vintage china will guarantee an astonishing décor for your event. With us, you have the choice of renting your desired items with our recommended packages or we can do all the planning and décor for you to give you the peace of mind and time you need to serve and attend your guests. 

What sets us apart from our competition is our easy to navigate online shop which allows you to purchase other items such as high quality tea, flavoured sugar cubes and saffron sugar candies to give your event a totally unique and sophisticated look. In addition, we offer elegant gift baskets for any occasional events or holidays.
Through our exposure and experience in catering and food service business, we are proud to be partnering with some big and small companies who we can join hands in order to offer a complete package for our clients.

Our partners:

  • Minami Group – Importer and distributor of all kinds of specialty tea in Ontario
  • TAJ Foods – Manufacturer of specialty made candies and Saffron products
  • Photographers- Maria Sergeyev photography / Piper studio 
  • Florist- We work with a few florist all in different budgets and volumes 
  • Baking- We have a few bakers to choose from based on your desired menu 
  • Posh Styling Inc.  

We look forward to speaking and meeting with you so we can explore the options for your event whether it is a tea party, baby shower, bachelorette party  or any other gathering event, we’re here to make it classy, easy and unforgettable for you.  

Vintage Desire 

My passion for creating memorable and elegant events in life has led me to an idea of sharing my knowledge and expertise for your next event. I have always loved mixing old & new and now with my various vintage collection I can offer rental services for your desired function. My goal is to create your next event memorable and unforgettable with the mixture of antique & modern china that will leave your guest talking for months.

How It All Began